Bosnian Chronicle By Ivo Andric -

bosnian chronicle a novel ivo andric 9781628724189 - ivo andric was born in travnik in 1892 and as a student was imprisoned for his part in fighting for bosnian independence from the austrian empire placed under house arrest during the nazi occupation of the former yugoslavia he devoted himself to writing the bosnian trilogy of which bosnian chronicle is the first volume he was awarded the nobel prize for literature in 1961, the bridge over the drina ivo andric lovette f edwards - the bridge over the drina ivo andric lovette f edwards on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, the bridge on the drina wikipedia - the bridge on the drina serbo croatian na drini uprija serbian cyrillic is a historical novel by the yugoslav writer ivo andri it revolves around the mehmed pa a sokolovi bridge in vi egrad which spans the drina river and stands as a silent witness to history from its construction by the ottomans in the mid 16th century until its partial destruction, culture of serbia and montenegro history people - identification the name yugoslavia previously designated six republics serbia montenegro macedonia bosnia herzogovia croatia and slovenia but now includes just serbia and montenegro, historical fiction series reading list 1mpages - welcome to the massive historical fiction series book list categories include family saga nautical pre historic and more see jump to box any series more than 5 volumes is multi more than 10 volumes is mega and more than 20 volumes is mammoth enjoy